2014  Teen Video Challenge Winner – New York State and CSLP

Description of “Reading Makes Your Imagination Shine”

Ryan walks into the library, surveys the bookshelves and chooses The Outsiders. He is quickly pulled into the book and finds himself in an action-packed fistfight. James, another boy, opens a copy of The Giver. He is plunged into a monochrome world, playing catch with Ryan when suddenly his apple turns bright red. Another friend, Bryan, is immersed in the book, I Am Number Four. He is swept up into the story, running then jumping into the sky above with his newly acquired superpowers. The three friends then leave the library, each taking a part of their story along with them.

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Description of “Berne Spark a Reaction”

The first teen is reading a Rolling Stones Magazine and he turns into a rock star. The second teen is reading about vikings and she turns into a viking. The third teen is holding a “how to book” and he turns into an inventor. The fourth teen is reading Breaking Dawn and turns into a vampire. The fifth teen is reading a pirate book and she turns into a pirate. A sparkler is dubbed in after each turn of the teen. Finally, the older gentleman is reading a book about being young. He crawls in the box. The next scene is a toddler crawling out the other end of the box. The final scene shows the teens looking docile until they jump up with excitement and yell Spark a Reaction.

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Description of “Adopt a Book”

Every day millions of books go unread as the scene opens on a book with a sad face alone in a bin. In the next scene the book is alone once again with a look of despair on a shelf collecting dust. The scene fades to black and the caption reads, ” How can we save these desperate books?” The music begins to swell and the word “Read” ignites in flames as the caption “Spark a Reaction Today @ Your Local Library” appears. What follows is a teen checking a library book out and leaving with a very happy book. As it goes to show, that the perfect book is out there waiting for you!

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