2013  Teen Video Challenge Winner – New York State and CSLP

Description of Alice in the Maximum Potter Games

Four girls go to the library and individually choose the books: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment and Alice in Wonderland. The girls sit and begin reading their books. The books begin to shake on the table and the girls are transported into the books they are reading. The girls are dressed as the main characters from the books and act out scenes from the different novels. Harry Potter studies and walks down a hall of picture frames, Max looks curiously at one of her angel feathers, Katniss has a bow and fights with Peeta in the woods, and Alice wanders through the forest and paints roses black.

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Description of Summer Reading

NL FILMS Fly into screen. Teen Book Jackets flash by. THIS SUMMER. Book opens and flips through pages. SWING BY THE LIBRARY. Teen Book Jackets flash by. Pan down library bookshelves. PICK UP A BOOK. Books come out off their shelf. READING IS FOR EVERYONE. Books are stacked on top of each other. JUMP IN. Teen Book Jackets flash by. BENEATH THE SURFACE. Books are stacked on top of each other. Teen Book Jackets flash by. Books are stacked on top of each other. Teen Book Jackets flash by. SUMMER READING. SUMMER 2013. Credits are shown on screen.

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Description of The Book of Treasure

A boy is sitting in his living room, using the computer. A book hits the boy, and he falls off the chair. Scratching his head, he gets up and goes to check out the book that just hit him. He opens the book and finds a treasure map entitled “library map.” He reads it, and becomes motivated to travel to his local library to find the treasure marked on the map. He reaches the library, and proceeds to search many book shelves for the treasure. Finally, he finds a book with the title “beneath the surface.” Confused, he shakes the book, checking for treasure. Since nothing comes out, he sighs and sits down to look at the book. He then becomes engrossed in reading the book, and proceeds to spend a long time reading the book. When he finishes the book, he looks satisfied, and leaves the library carrying more books.

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Description of Pearls of Wisdom

Make A Splash Productions. This summer get out of the sun and into the fun. Visit your local public library. Wide-angle image of library building. View walking up steps toward library through doorways, down two flights of stairs and into a room of bookcases filled with books. Pearls of wisdom await. Close-up of bookshelf and John Steinbeck section with The Pearl pulled out. Delve beneath the surface. The Pearl pops out of Beneath the Surface book. White pearls spill onto table. Uncover hidden treasures. A student sits intently reading The Pearl. She places her finger on a page of the book. Close-up of page with pearls on the edges. Dive beneath the surface to discover pearls of wisdom. Underwater view of student diving into pool. She swims toward a pearl. Pearl rolls along pool bottom. Student grasps it with her hand. She reads The Pearl while submerged beneath the surface. Read, and discover your pearl. Please note that no book was harmed during the production of my video as the underwater scene featuring The Pearl was a laminated scan of the book jacket.

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New York State Library

Summer Reading at New York Libraries is funded in part through the Federal Library Services and Technology Act, with funds awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services. The New York State Library is a program of the Office of Cultural Education in the New York State Education Department.