2017 Teen Video Challenge Winner – New York State and CSLP

Summer Reading at New York Libraries is proud to announce the 2017 CSLP “Build a Better World” Teen Video Challenge winner for New York State. The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Teen Video Challenge competition had many creative entries from New York State and across the country. All of the winning CSLP TVC videos can be viewed at www.cslpreads.org

2017 New York State Teen Video Challenge Winner – Ossining Public Library

“Building a Better World, Building a Better Future”

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This video was created and performed by Srindhi Polampally, Mishal Zia, Janessa Ya, Jonathan Leon, Kory Marbury, Aaron Song, Brandon Jones, and Louis Crisci. The video was submitted by the Ossining Public Library in Ossining, New York.

2017 New York State Teen Video Challenge Finalist – Shelter Rock Public Library

“Checkin’ Out Books!!”

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This video was created by Jillian Parrino and performed by Jillian and Joseph Parrino. The video was submitted by the Shelter Rock Public Library in Albertson, New York.

Winners From All States

View winning videos from other states on the CSLP site. All videos can be made available to the public by linking to them from your website. Since they each have a different focus, you can choose to use any of these for different situations and promotional needs. Use them to promote summer reading, teen reading at the library, and teen involvement at your library.

New York State Judging

The New York State winner for the 2017 Teen Video Challenge was selected through a panel of media professionals and celebrity judges. This panel ranked the entries based on creativity and message and ultimately selected “Building a Better World, Building a Better Future” as this year’s winner.

The media professionals and celebrity judging panel:

  • Jackson Murphy – film critic for YNN television
  • Dan Judson – Filmmaker/Producer, Digital Foundry
  • Jeffrey Kirkendall, New York State Library, Library Development
  • April DeFrancesco, New York State Library, Talking Book and Braille Library

The winning video was chosen for its creative interpretation of this year’s slogan. Its strong message that teens can find a variety of resources and ideas to build a better world at the library was a winning combination!

Winning Video – Text Description

Building a Better World, Building a Better Future – The camera starts on a shot of the globe with a narrator asking a series of questions about whether or not we have the power to build a better world and change the future. The video cuts to a teenager entering The Ossining Public Library and picking up a copy of Wonder by R.J. Palacio and pledging to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. That same teen stands up to a bully and defends her friend in the next clip. In the next scene, a teen is reading a book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and promises to fight for what he believes in. He is then seen holding a sign saying, “Build a Better World.” Another teen is shown reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. She hands an orchid to a library employee as she strives to be kind, loving, and nurturing. The last teen featured is reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and vows to be a light for people, even in the darkest of times. The camera jumps to that teen consoling another teen. The end of the video features each teen proclaiming that they are the future, and the future is now.

Finalist Video – Text Description

Checkin’ Out Books!! The video opens with the word READ flashed on the screen in four different languages and begins with the book “Who built that? Bridges” stating the library was about to open and that it was waiting to be checked out.  The book “Future Tech” stated it would be checked out because it was about future technology and reading it would help the reader build a better future.  A book entitled “Outside the Box” interrupts and states imagination is required to build a better world.  Another book entitled “The Way Things Work” states it would be checked out because, like the title stated, a reader would learn about the way things worked. The book “Built to Last” said that it would be checked out because everyone knew that to build a better a world bridges are required.  Finally, the book “One Giant Step” interrupts and states that the future is in outer space.  The books are forced to quiet down because the library is open and a girl is seen entering the library. The girl walks around the library selecting all the books who spoke.  She gets in line with the books and is seen walking out of the library. The books are happy and then state that ”to help build a better world check out the books at your local library!”

New York State Library

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