Pokémon GO and Libraries

In a little less than a week, Pokémon GO has become the viral video game of the year. The game integrates users’ real world location and surroundings by requiring them to visit different public locations in their quest to “Catch them all”. A number of libraries have been made “Pokestops” – a location that the player must visit to gain valuable in-game materials. A select number of libraries have also been made into Pokémon gym – a location where a user can battle with their Pokémon and gain points that allow them to progress through the game.  This means that libraries will have a number of new visitors, some of whom may not typically visit libraries.


Many libraries have used this game to increase their number of patrons by creating programming related to the game and the theme. Some libraries are throwing Pokémon parties and setting up displays of Pokémon books and movies. Other libraries are decorating the library with Pokémon themed items. A good way to get your library involved is to download the app yourself. The game allows you to take screen shots of the Pokémon that you find – you can then post those screen shots on your social media sites and boast about all the different Pokémon that have been sighted in your library!  Read more about Pokémon GO and libraries here.

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