Summer Reading Happenings: Week of August 16

Here are some fun summer reading things happening across the state for the upcoming week of August 16, 2015.

On August 16 from 1-3pm, the Ellenville Public Library and Museum will be celebrating local heroes. They will be presenting local heroes with certificates, Karen Gersh will perform some heroic circus tricks, and there will be activities for children. And before the activities begin, there will be a used book sale beginning at noon. Please call (845) 647-5530 or visit for more information.

This entire week, August 17-20, the Cuba Circulating Library will be hosting World Music with Rachel Bell for children in grades 1-5. For more information, please call the library at 585-968-1668 or visit their website at

The Whitesville Public Library will be having their annual fundraising Ice Cream Social on August 19th. For more information, visit the library’s website at

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