Wandoo Reader (an online summer reading registration tool) Q & A: Part 3

As part of Summer Reading at New York Libraries, the New York State Library offers the choice of an online registration tool, developed by Evanced Solutions, to New York’s public libraries and neighborhood branches.  In previous years, the only online registration tool offered free of charge to public libraries in New York State was Evanced’s Summer Reader. Starting in 2015, Evanced’s Wandoo Reader will be offered as well.  Wandoo Reader is a new tool, still in beta form.

For an introductory video on Wandoo Reader, please visit http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/summer/smreader.htm.   There is a demo version of Wandoo Reader available at http://demo.evanced.info/ under “Children’s Program.”  Watch for emails from the State Library about a trial version of Wandoo Reader.

This post is part of a series of questions posed by public library staff and answers from Evanced about Wandoo Reader and we will post more as we receive them.  If you have questions or comments about Wandoo Reader, please post them in the comment section below or contact Karen Balsen, Coordinator of Summer Reading at New York Libraries, at Karen.Balsen@nysed.gov.


Q:  Will there be any future webinars to explain more about the new Super Hero program Evanced is creating in Wandoo Reader? Is there a way to receive notification when a webinar is available?

A:  The super hero theme is scheduled for release by March 31st. There will be training webinars for New York State libraries about both Wandoo Reader and Summer Reader in March and April. Information about these webinars will be sent out via NYLINE messages from the State Library and archived webinars will be posted on http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/summer/smreader.htm.


Q:  The administrator end is far easier to use than Summer Reader, but it doesn’t look like there is a way to set limits for registration. Right now in my library I can establish the number of books, time, or days children read before they earn library certificates. For example my read-to-me club has parents reading 3 books to children to earn a certificate. My early readers (levels A – F) read three books, while more established readers (F – L) read one book. My chapter book readers read 100 pages to earn a certificate and everyone can choose the option of reading 20 minutes/day. This lets kids know the requirements before they choose a program. Is there a way to define this in Wandoo Reader or is it just the generic setting of choosing easy, medium or hard? Is there a way to define the reading-to-points system you use in the program? Can certain age groups have their choice limited to only one or maybe two play levels?

A:  The reading levels in Wandoo Reader pertain only to the game play, and have no connection to or bearing on your prizes or certificates.

In Wandoo Reader, you’d simply create a separate program for each type of reader. Your Early Reader program could have one set of prize rules and your more established readers another. You’d define the programs the same way you do in Summer Reader.


Q:  In the demo, is it possible to see the part of the software where I would set up the different reader levels?

A:  No, this is not available in the demo, but it will be available in the trial version.


Q:  In Summer Reader, my library asks children to write reviews of the books they’ve read.  They can print out these reviews to bring to school in the fall.  These reviews can serve as reader advisory among the children.  Can this be done in Wandoo Reader?

A:  In Wandoo Reader this would be set up as a Challenge, the library would determine the number of reviews needed to complete the challenge. Reviews do not appear for others to read. Challenges are not fully set up yet in the trial version of Wandoo Reader.


Additional information about online summer reading registration tools for New York State public libraries is available here: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/summer/smreader.htm.  Additional information about Wandoo Reader from Evanced Solutions is available here: http://evancedsolutions.com/products/wandooreader/.

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