Wandoo Reader (an online summer reading registration tool) Q & A: Part 2

As part of Summer Reading at New York Libraries, the New York State Library offers the choice of an online registration tool, developed by Evanced Solutions, to New York’s public libraries and neighborhood branches. In previous years, the only online registration tool offered free of charge to public libraries in New York State was Evanced’s Summer Reader. Starting in 2015, Evanced’s Wandoo Reader will be offered as well. Wandoo Reader is a new tool, still in beta form.

For an introductory video on Wandoo Reader, please visit http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/summer/smreader.htm.   There is a demo version of Wandoo Reader available at http://demo.evanced.info/ under “Children’s Program.” Watch for emails from the State Library about a trial version of Wandoo Reader.

This post is part of a series of questions posed by public library staff and answers from Evanced about Wandoo Reader and we will post more as we receive them. If you have questions or comments about Wandoo Reader, please post them in the comment section below or contact Karen Balsen, Coordinator of Summer Reading at New York Libraries, at Karen.Balsen@nysed.gov.


Q:  Will there be an option for our teen coordinator to use Wandoo Reader while I continue to use Summer Reader?  If we can only use one program, when will a decision have to be made about which program we are using?

A:  Evanced is setting up a trial option for New York State public libraries that will be available until May 1, 2015. During this trial period, libraries can run both programs to test them side-by-side. The library must choose one of the two programs by May 1, 2015.


Q:  Is Summer Reader being phased out after 2017?

A:  As per the New York State contract with Evanced, Summer Reader and support for Summer Reader will be available until 2017.


Q:  The game seems like fun and I’m sure the children will enjoy creating new robots, but the readability of the narrative is very high. Chapter book readers may be fine with it, but younger children won’t have any access to what the robot is saying unless an adult sits with them to read it. Are there any plans to add sound to the text so it is read to the children, as if the robot is actually talking?

A:  This is a commonly mentioned feature. The expectation is that younger kids will have an adult read to them, because younger kids are rarely logging into a program like this by themselves anyway. We have simplified the language somewhat, but the act of logging a book title is really not in the grasp of a 6-year old. The game is aimed at kids who are old enough to self-log or who participate with a parent.


Q:  I am confused about parental consent for Wandoo Reader.

A:  This article should clear it up: http://kb.evanced.info/article.php?id=625. In short, users under 13 need parental consent to play the online game. They do not need parental consent to participate in the program. Kids are welcome to use the in-library portions of the program without parental consent, but any child who is entering private personal information on the internet needs to get parental consent. This is a question of federal law and industry best practices.


Additional information about online summer reading registration tools for New York State public libraries is available here: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/summer/smreader.htm. Additional information about Wandoo Reader from Evanced Solutions is available here: http://evancedsolutions.com/products/wandooreader/.

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