2013 Explore New York Reading Lists and Bookmarks

February, 2013 – The New York State Library is pleased to announce that the 2013 Explore New York reading lists and bookmarks for children and teens are now available at http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/summer/explore.htm.

The reading lists are designed to help libraries promote New York State related summer recreational reading and are available for download and printing.

The recreational reading lists are librarian selected lists that celebrate the history, culture, and diversity of New York State. The lists have been designed by the New York State Library in partnership with the New York State Library Association Youth Services Section and Section of School Librarians.

The accompanying bookmarks are created each year by the New York State Library and designed by the New York State Museum for Summer Reading at New York Libraries. The bookmarks serve as companions to the four Explore New York reading lists and include the 2013 summer reading graphics.

The bookmarks are available for printing with titles already listed as well as in template form so that each library can add their own selection of books from the reading lists.

One Response to 2013 Explore New York Reading Lists and Bookmarks

  1. Donna Blanton April 1, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

    Dear NY Summer Reading Librarians,

    I happened upon your website while searching for ideas to promote the “Dig Into Reading” SRP with my own children as well as my weekly “Coffeehouse Storytime” crowd.

    Our family had the wonderful opportunity to visit NYC for 5 days just before Christmas last year (thanks to husband’s business frequent flyer and hotel points). All 4 of us LOVED our visit – meeting local folks, visiting several tourist sites, paying respects at 9/11 Memorial, walking all over Central Park, riding the subway everywhere, dining in Chinatown, admiring the skyline while walking across Brooklyn Bridge, etc.

    Your “Explore New York” lists of books are delightfully comprehensive. I hope to find many of these titles at our local branch of the Gwinnett County Public Library (Atlanta, GA suburb). What a great way to recapture some of our NYC memories as well as to learn more about the people, history and cultures of your state and crown city.

    THANK YOU for preparing such thorough book lists!

    Donna Blanton
    (mom, teacher, literacy advocate, storyteller)
    Norcross, GA

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