Summer Reading Murals

Summer Reading MuralWhat a wonderful collaboration between the Enders Road Elementary School  Art Program (Fayetteville-Manlius Schools) and the Manlius Library. The public library provides space for the elementary students to showcase artwork throughout the year. In the summer, the art work revolves around the summer reading theme.

The third grade students at Enders Road applied their knowledge of countries and geographic regions that they learned in their socials studies classes this year to the seven murals they designed and painted to go along with the summer reading program’s theme.  The students carefully sketched out ideas that were transferred to large mural paper.  Once the images were drawn on the large pieces of mural paper the students used bright colors of tempera paint to paint them.  The murals were hung in the Children’s Section of the Manlius Library over the summer and into the beginning of the fall. (via: Enders Road Art Program)



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