“Summer Reading at New York Libraries” partnerships bring resources to all public libraries and families.


4-H Youth Development assists young people in reaching their fullest potential, and as such, provides an ideal partnership for NYS Libraries and the Summer Reading Program.  4-H Youth Development resources integrate well with the theme of Build a Better World.  There are a diversity of activities that support and inspire young people, and the adults with whom they interact.

4-H Resources

  • New York State 4-H Science Toolkit These activity-based kits for youth ages 5-17, provide information on topics such as Geospatial Science, Climate and Ladybugs. Each 45 minutes activity can be downloaded as a PDF.
  • New York State 4-H Homepage   Explore the 4-H homepage for resources ranging from science, engineering and technology, to healthy lifestyles, and youth community action. Additional 4-H materials for staff, leaders, volunteers, teachers and youth, and many other resources can be found at the National Directory of 4-H Materials.
  • Local 4-H Activities for children and teens are provided through the local 4-H office and include youth workshops, conferences, opportunities for public speaking,  contests, state and county fairs, 4-H camps, trips and tours, teen groups and scholarship offerings in your area
  • National 4-H Conference Teens, age 15 and up, interested in applying for the National 4-H conference will find great resources at their local library to improve their writing and research skills, such as how to use proper citations, what constitutes a quality research source, and how to do a targeted online search.

Connect to 4-H and Cornell:

4-H Youth Development is the youth organization for our land grant university,  Cornell University, and it’s the largest out of school youth organization in the United States.  Each county office has an approach that is designed to meet the needs of the local community.  To connect with a 4-H educator, and to find your local Cornell Cooperative Extension Association, visit the Local Offices page.

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